Tuesday 9.15.15
20 PVC Pass Through
10 Around the Worlds w/ PVC
ATW With feet on box
Superfriend Stretch
Bench Press
5 @ 75% 1RM(0.9)
3 @ 85% 1RM(0.9)
1 @ 95% 1RM(0.9)
* Now go for new 1RM!
Mars Bar
20 Box Jumps(30/24)
400m Run

Bench: 235

Metcon: 12:45

My legs were pretty shot going into the metcon just from the killer leg workout I did yesterday in Cincinnati with Mark (4×5 1 1/4 Squats at 255, 3×10 Single Leg Squat 60lbs. dumbells). Felt good on the running portion but could have moved quicker throughout the box jumps. As for the bench press, I’m just a bitch when it comes to that.

Breakfast 6:30AM- Regular Smoothie (Banana, strawberries, Kale, Peanut Butter, Scoop of Protein, Almond Milk)

10:00AM- 1/4 cup of Cashews

10:30AM- Cup of fruit at work meeting

12:15- Whole Foods Salad (Spinach, peas, chicken, broccoli, balsamic) and Power Crunch Bar.

5:00- 3 Over easy eggs and half of avocado

6:00- Workout

7:00- Chipotle Burrito Bowl (Chicken, white rice, black beans, mild, guac, lettuce, cheese)

8:00- Basketball game (Lost by 1)

9:30- Scoop of almond butter and bottle of Kombucha chia juice


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