Friday 9.25.15
Rx Rx+
Warm-up Clean 1RM
3min Bike ride
Dynamic warm-up 2k Row For Time
Strength For Time
Max Weight Weighted Pull-up 40 T2B
Max Weight weighted ring dip
25 Cal Airdyne or Row
15 Push-ups
3 Muscle-up(5 C2B, 7 PU)

Max Weight Pullups- 270lbs (Weight + Pullup weight)

Max Weight Dips- 240

  • Need to get better at dips, felt really good with the pull-ups though.

5:00am- BCAA Drink

6:00am- Crossfit

7:15am- Smoothie and 1 hard boiled egg

10:00am- Power Crunch Bar

12:00pm- 1 Slice of Pizza and big salad at the WAXIE conference

3:00pm- Apple with Peanut Butter

……………Started drinking and everything goes out the window at this point. No rules on the weekend.


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