Lifts/Exercises to Implement Into Training

Lunge 1 1/2 Reps

  • I’ll start implementing this on lower body days to help with my unilateral work. Don’t have to go too heavy here but need to just make sure that I go slow on each rep.

Squat 1 1/4 Reps

Suitcase Deadlifts

  • Started doing these a couple weeks back and really like how they felt. Requires me to use a lot of my core and makes me focus on good form for each rep.

Landmine Press

  • I used to do these quite a bit back in college and haven’t done them much since. One of my main goals is to improve my shoulder strength so I will definitely implement this into my training to help improve that strength.

Clean & Jerk

  • I always have some type of clean in my training but tend to only go light when it comes to my clean & jerk. This goes back to my focus on improving my shoulder strength.

Shoulder Taps


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